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026 & 027
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Aerophonic Records is pleased to announce the release of two new projects in its catalog!

AR026 | OF THINGS BEYOND THULE vol. 2 is the follow up volume by a collaborative quintet featuring the legendary Joe McPhee (trumpet/saxophone), alongside Dave Rempis (saxophones), Tomeka Reid (cello), Brandon Lopez (bass), and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums).  Volume 1 was released in February 2020 as a limited edition vinyl LP to great acclaim.  This volume features the remainder of the material recorded at this live concert in December 2018.
AR027 | CODES/MYTHS, is the second release by the longstanding duo pairing of  Dave Rempis (saxophones) and Frank Rosaly (drums/percussion), following up on 2009's Cyrillic on 482 Music.  These two musicians have worked together in countless contexts since 2001, forming one of the legendary alliances of the Chicago improvised music scene of the last twenty years. 
Both records are scheduled to hit the streets on Tuesday, May 19th, 2020. 
Please continue reading to download a digital version of both records. 
*Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, and the economic climate around it, hard copy promotional versions of these releases will not be made available to press due to the significant production and postage costs.  We appreciate your understanding during this time, and plan to return to regular hard copy mailings once this crisis ends. 

Joe McPhee - pocket trumpet/tenor saxophone
Dave Rempis – alto/baritone saxophone
Tomeka Reid – cello
Brandon Lopez – bass
Paal Nilssen-Love – drums/percussion
The second volume by this collaborative quintet follows up on the limited edition, LP-only release Of Things Beyond Thule volume 1 (AR024 / LP-only).  It presents the remainder of the material performed at a familiar Chicago haunt on a warm and intimate night in December of 2018, performed by a like-minded cross-generational grouping of stellar improvising musicians.  In comparison to volume 1, a long-form piece in which slow development and pacing took precedence, the band brings the fire on Volume 2; one that burns magnesium bright.
This extraordinary lineup came together almost by chance.  Nilssen-Love was in Chicago after finishing a US tour, and he and Rempis, frequent collaborators for the last 15 years, planned a duo concert for the Sunday night Transmission Series at the Hungry Brain.  When Rempis spoke with long-time friend and collaborator Tomeka Reid and found out she’d also be in town, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, and the duo became a trio.  Brainstorming a bit further, Rempis and McPhee had been talking for years about doing a project together.  McPhee’s longstanding relationship with Nilssen-Love in their duo pairing and as a guest with The Thing made the idea even more logical, and the trio became a quartet.  Finally, Rempis knew from several years of regular work with New York bassist Brandon Lopez that he would be the perfect voice to round out this remarkable quintet.
On this volume, McPhee’s love for simple melodies, and a staggeringly gorgeous sound on every instrument he touches, still brings the outing by the quintet into quick focus.  But on these pieces, you hear the damn burst, as Lopez and Nilssen-Love unleash their ferocious power as a rhythm section.  Reid dives back and forth into those waves, sometimes digging in deep as a section member, and sometimes riding on top as provocateur.  Rempis takes the opportunity to utilize his full arsenal of sound, at times hitting the accelerator, and at times wrapping his lines around McPhee’s stark melodies to create lush harmonies full of cinematic and pastoral beauty.
And of course, McPhee.  Joe is someone who plays only when he feels compelled to do so.  He’ll sometimes stand on stage for the lion’s share of a set and not play a note.  But when he does, watch out.  He’ll bowl you over by surrounding you in that warm dark tone.  A velvet curtain wrapping itself around you, the picture of elegance and wisdom where a single phrase interjected at the end of a piece can bring it all together as one.
Of Things Beyond Thule vol. 2 is a must own for fans of these musicians – a telling insight into the give and take of five individuals asserting themselves as forces to be reckoned with, while never losing sight of their collective mission.  A genuine understanding of how to be responsible to and for one another.
Osel :    18:08
Kaali :   16:16
Smøla:  09:56
Hekla :  12:22
Recorded December 16th, 2018 at The Hungry Brain in Chicago

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Zuchowski
all compositions by McPhee/Rempis/Reid/Lopez/Nilssen-Love
Design by Johnathan Crawford
Produced by Dave Rempis

Dave Rempis - alto/tenor/bari saxophone
Frank Rosaly - drums/percussion

Saxophonist Dave Rempis and percussionist Frank Rosaly share a musical relationship of the once-in-a-generation variety.   These two improvisers have worked together for almost twenty years, beginning in 2001 when they met in the basement of the Nervous Center, a divey Lincoln Square café that served as a crucial breeding ground for young improvising musicians in Chicago at that time.   From the spark of that first musical encounter, the two went on to work together in countless formations during one of the many “golden eras” of the Chicago jazz and improvised music scene; most notably the Rempis Percussion Quartet, The Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Chicago Sextet, and their longstanding duo pairing.  They also became close friends, seeing one another through various relationships, family trials and tribulations, and other life-defining moments.   It’s the depth and breadth of these shared human experiences that creates a musical affinity which is singular in its intimacy, and its strength.
After fifteen years in the trenches of the Windy City, Rosaly decided in 2016 to relocate to another flat, windswept locale across the ocean, beginning a new life in Amsterdam. The loss of his presence in his adopted hometown reverberated across the scene with a heartsinking thud; a moment of reevaluation for so many musicians who had come to depend on his work ethic, sensitivity, and total dedication to every musical context he took on.  His sound helped define a multitude of projects in that era, none more so than the bands he worked in with Rempis.  But that enduring relationship wouldn’t be shattered by a lack of geographic proximity.
This duo album was recorded live at Elastic Arts in January of 2018, during Rosaly’s lone return visit to Chicago since his departure. The two had prepped for it with a short tour in Europe the preceding fall. In it, we hear the joy of two old friends rediscovering each other, catching up on all the new discoveries they’ve made in their time apart.  We also hear them settling into one another like a familiar armchair – relaxed, patient, easy-going, and completely at home.
Their previous duo record, 2009’s Cyrillic on 482 Music, featured the raw energy and experimentation of two thirty-something musicians taking the world by storm, chewing up every idea they could.  Codes/Myths gives us a more mature, relaxed, and confident musical vision – one informed by the comfort of having worked in the music, and with one another, for so long.  With nothing to prove, haste and anxiety are replaced by patience and meditation.  The two take the time to examine every ramification of one another’s statements, sometimes following the emotion, sometimes poking fun, and often just basking in one another’s sound, like an all-too-rare visit to a favorite childhood beach, or secret spot in the woods.   This document is more than a record, it’s a living illustration of the human as social animal, and a tranparent expression of how intimate that can be.
Patterns in Distance   29:25
Glitch  10:40
Air in Between  08:45
Aletheia  32:34
Recorded January 18th, 2018 at Elastic Arts in Chicago, IL

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Zuchowski
all compositions by Rempis/Rosaly
Design by Johnathan Crawford
Produced by Dave Rempis
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*Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, and the economic climate around it, hard copy promotional versions of these releases will not be made available to press due to the significant production and postage costs.  We appreciate your understanding during this time, and plan to return to regular hard copy mailings once this crisis ends.
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Dave Rempis is a Chicago saxophonist widely known for the many ensembles he leads or co-leads including The Rempis Percussion QuartetBallister, Rempis/Abrams/Ra + Baker, and The Engines.  He was a longtime member of Ken Vandermark’s flagship band, The Vandermark Five, and has worked with Vandermark in other projects including the Territory Band and Resonance Ensemble.  Other collaborations have included work with John TchicaiJoe McPheeRoscoe MitchellTomeka ReidPeter BrötzmannFred AndersonHamid DrakeJaimie Branch, and Nels Cline.  Rempis has been regularly named as a rising star in the alto and baritone saxophone categories in the Downbeat Critics Poll since 2006.  In addition to his work as a musician, Rempis is active as a presenter.  Since 2002, he’s curated and produced a weekly series of jazz and improvised music at Chicago’s Elastic Arts Foundation, where he also serves as Board President.  Rempis was a co-founder of the musician/presenters collective Umbrella Music which worked from 2006-2014, producing the internationally renowned Umbrella Music Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music.  He currently works as operations director for the Hyde Park Jazz Festival.